Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner NLP

Silke Herwald

Diploma of Modern Wellness Psychology
Clinical Member of the Australian Hypnotherapist Association (AHA)
Registered Professional Member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH)
Certificate CBT
Certificate REBT
Masters of business and marketing (Germany)

Whatever the problem may be: if you could have worked it out consciously by talking about it or thinking about it, chances are you would have done so by now…

Hence the easiest way to make changes is at the level of YOUR unconscious. Sometimes it feels like you have moved on but the unconscious is still stuck in some old loop… Then it is time to update the software, your programming so you can move on, change behaviours, overcome that problem and get to where you want to be. The beauty of the combination of Hypnotherapy and NLP is that it’s the most efficient way of doing things. Most clients only need around 3 sessions to make the changes they want…

I have assisted more people than I can remember overcome anxiety, phobias, past trauma and depression… And yes, of course hypnotherapy and NLP can also assist you to lose weight, get motivated and find success in any area of your life too but it is no magic pill ;-))

I grew up in Japan and used to be a Marketing Director in the Music Industry (EMI records, Jive records, Warner Music) which was great fun, but also highly stressful and consequently I experienced IBS and tinnitus. I always dreamt of living next to the ocean and working for myself so many years ago I changed career, became a Master Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP and now live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. I love helping people make the changes they want, so they can passionately live the life they want.

I work with the mind, the brain, human behaviour and personal excellence and my clients are people from all walks of life. People who want to change something or anything about themselves…

When people ask me what I do, I say: “I make people happy”. Or, “I help people live happier lives”. Helping people move from phobic to calm, from anxiety to peace of mind, from depressed and ‘what’s the point’ to passionately living their own life and creating goals again. While my clients are performing these mini miracles I am right there with them. To see a person’s excitement and relief is such a beautiful, exciting and humbling experience. My clients know they have changed, because they feel the change in their everyday lives. How could I not passionately love my job?

But I always know full well that it is always the client who is making the changes. It, it’s not me. I am just a facilitator, a tour guide as it were, pointing out a few sights…

I am very logical and down to earth. When I first started with Hypnosis and NLP I was fascinated and spooked at the same time… Once I understood the scientific side behind it, I was left with sheer fascination and passion.

When I’m not researching you’ll find me anywhere outdoors: kite surfing, surfing, or walking the beach…

I am available Thursday at Peregian Beach and Saturday at Birtinya.

“My partner thought I was crazy for going to hypnotherapy for depression but when he noticed how much happier I was after only the 1st session he fully supported me…” – Jessica

“I am extremely grateful to Silke in teaching me how to cope and take control of my own life in just 3 sessions. Silke is a very caring young woman who has certainly found her true vocation. Thank you so much!…” – Linda

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