What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the art of muscle-testing to access subconscious programming and disruptions to the energy flow of the body, mind and soul. Muscle testing is used to identify where the information flow of our mind-body processes are dysfunctional and why.

Our health is multifaceted: we are biological (chemical processes mostly from our diet), magnetic (a steady flow of +ve and -ve ions), postural and dynamic (we move our muscles, incur injuries and experience pain) and for the most part, experiences (based on our values and beliefs, we create thoughts and from these we feel. From our feelings, we make choices that lead us to behave in certain ways – beneficial or not).

The modality of kinesiology lends itself perfectly to our complexity as the muscle testing allows the body and subconscious mind to ‘explain’ which of these facets of the person have contributed to the state of illness, pain, unhappiness, weight loss or gain, food and environmental sensitivities. Nature’s forces continuously urge us back to a state of well-being and …… we get in the way.

By raising our awareness to what is needed and reinstating the communication and energy flow of the body and mind, kinesiology can help you to reach your goals of health, vitality to do things you love, achieve life or career milestones or shift painful memories that have kept you in a state of grief.