Couples/Family Counselling

What is couples counselling?

In every relationship, there are two people who are responsible for the point a relationship has reached.  Couples counselling focuses on the relationship rather than the individuals.  It is the process of rediscovering what brought two people together, what has contributed to the position they now find themselves in and what they each want from the relationship.

What can I expect from the first couples counselling session?

The first counselling session aims to obtain the big picture view of the relationship. This may include the difficulties that have brought the couple to counselling, the history of the problem, what each partner would like to get out of the sessions and some information about past experiences. This then becomes useful in subsequent sessions to address the important matters as they arise.

What kind of issues can be raised in counselling?

All counselling sessions are confidential.  Clients should feel comfortable to raise any issue they are concerned about.  Common themes in couple counselling include communication difficulties, infidelity, financial pressures, parenting struggles, difficulties in the sexuality or tricky issues related to separation or divorce.

How many sessions are usually required?

The number of sessions required can vary.  When there is conflict in a relationship, it is usually a stressful and difficult time for people.  It is important that adequate time is given to exploring the matters raised in order to reach an understanding or outcome.  The number of sessions is agreed on together based on the nature of the issues and the needs of each individual.

Do you see partners individually?

Sometimes it may be helpful to meet with each partner individually, however, couple counselling is a shared exploration of the relationship and usually is best accomplished when all parties are present.  We do not make judgments about who is right or wrong, nor tell clients what to do or what decisions to make, but rather provide the space and opportunity to explore the issues, feelings and options for a way forward.

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