Why seek a Psychologist or Counsellor?

Do you become fearful, sad or angry at times and don’t know why?
Have you experienced trauma and find it hard to cope now?
Are you noticing unhealthy patterns in your relationships?
Are you having difficulty parenting?
Do you feel ‘stuck’ and want a change?
Would you like to improve how you feel about yourself?

How can Psychology and Counselling help?

Psychology and Counselling will help you gain a greater understanding of how your thoughts, emotions and behaviours interact and influence your management of problems and relationships.

Counselling will help you discover some different ways of looking at your problems. It will also help you better understand yourself and others and find more constructive ways to respond to the situation. You will learn how to communicate more effectively and take control of your life.

Sometimes we need more than a friend to talk to

While family and friends can be really supportive, Counselling offers an opportunity to talk with someone who is professionally trained and not involved emotionally.

Most importantly, Counselling is a non-judgmental, safe space in which to express yourself and process emotions. Whatever is shared remains confidential and how much is shared at any time is entirely within your control.

Rebates are available

Currently, it is possible to claim a Medicare rebate for Psychology and Counselling or you can claim with private health insurance if Psychology is included in your Extras cover. Both types of rebates can be processed on the spot at the time of your appointment. In order to claim the Medicare rebate, you must first see your GP who can provide a “Mental Health Plan” and register it with Medicare. You are then entitled to up to 10 sessions in any calendar year to see a Psychologist/Accredited Mental Health Specialist.

Please note we are not a Bulk Billing Service.

Practitioners Available


Josephine Keijzer

Clinical Psychologist

Dianne Harrison