As a nutritionist, I advocate a holistic approach to health and lifestyle choices, ideally using food as medicine. Food is my passion and should be prepared, shared and enjoyed with family and friends. I can help you with practical ideas to improve not only your own health, but that of the whole family, with customized easy to follow guidelines and ongoing support. By instilling healthy habits in your home, amazing results will follow.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

No matter what your health concerns, with practical nutritional support, you can easily develop and sustain improved overall health. I believe in an integrated approach to managing chronic conditions and have extensive clinical experience in supporting, guiding and educating clients to live their best life. My clinical experience includes, but is not limited to:
• Children’s health, behaviour and wellbeing
• Digestive disorders
• Fatigue and low energy
• Menopause
• Thyroid and hormonal disruption
• Autoimmune conditions
• Weight loss challenges
• Diabetes and blood sugar imbalances
• Stress and adrenal dysregulation
• Conception and prenatal care
• Sports nutrition
• Depression and anxiety
• High blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease
• Allergies, intolerances and food sensitivities

As a Mum of three busy kids, I know first hand the challenges of getting dinner on the table each night, of filling lunchboxes and tempting fussy eaters, all while catering for the specific dietary needs of a family member.

My approach is one of getting back to basics, eat fresh wholefoods and use simple cooking techniques.

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