Family Hearing Clinic

Juan and Agata Romero

Juan is an Audiometrist with 15 years of experience in delivering auditory rehabilitation and tinnitus relief to adults. Juan’s training began in Darwin, working with a broad range of hearing disorders, and assisting those with hearing loss to regain their ability to communicate and hear.

Juan moved to the Sunshine Coast 8 years ago and has actively worked within the Sunshine Coast community to promote better hearing care. He is very passionate about helping people reconnect with their family and friends through providing high quality hearing care. He specialises in adult hearing losses and those who have given up on using their hearing aids because of poor outcomes. His kind and patient approach allows him to become the best “hearing coach”. He has a broad range knowledge of latest hearing technology from any manufacturer.

Agata is an Audiologist with 20 years of experience in different fields of hearing care, including auditory rehabilitation of adults and children, diagnostic audiology and tinnitus relief, infant hearing screening and central auditory processing testing. She received her Master’s degree in audiology in 1998 from Hofstra University, New York.

Agata is passionate about tinnitus relief and paediatric diagnostic testing. She believes in the evidence based approach and will thoroughly examine your hearing and provide full scientific explanation of your test results. She has a background in the fields of special education and speech pathology, which makes her an ideal professional to assist children. Her direct and friendly manner allows her to clearly communicate how to resolve any hearing difficulties, regardless of the age group involved.

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