Clincial Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist & Mindfulness Coach

Josephine Keijzer

I have worked in the field of integrative health for 25 years and am passionate about the work I do with people of all ages who are experiencing challenges and want to expand their lives.

I have a Masters degree in Social Work and a Bachelors degree in Social Science, I’ve attained a Diploma in Modern psychology and utilise Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques which have profound and lasting results with clients. When working with couples, I utilise my psychotherapeutic experience and PACT (psychobiological approach to couples therapy) training.

I have worked both locally on the Sunshine Coast and internationally and recently spent three years as psychotherapist and Director of Therapies for a residential mental health clinic specialising in trauma, addictions, anxiety, grief and loss and depression. I enjoy and teach yoga and mindfulness and regularly collaborate with local naturopaths, nutritionists and personal trainers to get the best outcomes for long term health for clients.

From the viewpoint that all things are in a state of change, my belief is that when we change our internal environment, challenges can be overcome and transformation will happen.

While all sessions are different depending on the needs of the individuals I see, my aim is also to teach accessible and easy-to-remember techniques to reduce and eliminate anxiety and stress and to build on self reliance and confidence. You are given strategies and resources to support lasting change.

I invite you to take the step in moving toward the life you want and look forward to meeting and working with you in achieving that.

Call the Clinic on 5471 2201 to make a booking with Josephine. Medicare rebates are available through GP administered Mental Health Plans.

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