Clinical Social Work & Psychotherapy

Diane Violi


I have always been interested in people’s stories, how our minds work, life’s purpose, and lifelong learning. I value honesty, empathy, integrity, connection, loyalty, spirituality and mindfulness (being grounded & present). I am often touched by the people I work with and feel privileged to share in someone’s life journey.

I work from a trauma-informed perspective, so are aware of the impacts of early attachment, development and complex trauma have upon our systems. I also work from a holistic, strengths-based and person-centred approach and believe that with help (and we all need this at times) you have your own insights and knowledge into problems. Where are you at? Where have you come from and what are the challenges? What supports you, and how can we build resources, skills & strategies to address the issues that hinder you? One of my major aims is to provide a secure therapeutic relationship and a safe space to assist with attachment issues, nervous system capacity and self-awareness – for often these are underlying issues that impact optimal mental health and wellbeing.

I have spent the past 10 years working with dual diagnosis (drugs/alcohol & mental health) concerns which often link to the impacts of complex trauma. I aim to meet each person anew -to be present, attentive and available. At times one of the most important things I do is to hold the energy of hope for someone until they can envisage this for themselves. I am available to work with both adults and children.

I offer a variety of approaches (both top down and bottom up therapies) and can utilise Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Sensorimotor Art Therapy, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy (SEP), Inner Child, Family Systems Constellation and Mindfulness (MBCBT) skills and strategies. And with your permission I will use whatever it is that assists you to connect to internal (yourself) and external (outside) resources, to improve resilience & wellbeing.
My passion is somatic processes, including guided drawing and clay field (for more information see www.sensorimotorarttherapy.com ) for I have experienced this as a powerful tool to safely access implicit memory – which in turn can assist trauma, attachment & developmental restoration and repair.

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