Health and Fitness Coach

Kathy Nisbet

Plan your life, plan your goals and plan for success!

Kathy is a holistic health and fitness coach who founded Functional Health Coach in 2011, complementing her decade of involvement in the fitness industry as a mentor and competitor. Kathy is a Level 3 Fitness Australia Personal Trainer, Level 2 Biosignature Practitioner, Level 1 Precision Nutrition Health Coach and has an Accredited Certificate of Nutrition. She is studying Complementary Medicine to continue evolving her passion for knowledge and non-stop study in the fields of health and fitness.

Kathy is dedicated to helping you achieve your lifestyle and fitness goals, offering versatile coaching and programming methods to work in with your busy lifestyle. Kathy will guide you through an empowering and educating journey to make positive changes to the major foundations of your lifestyle which, if out of balance, may be holding you back from achieving your true potential.

Kathy takes into account your lifestyle and health history and objectively applies techniques to effect changes based on your specific needs and goals. Kathy will simplify any confusion that may come with making changes to create solutions you will feel competent applying. She works with your other practitioners to ensure you get the most with out of your entire wellness journey and that everything stays well-connected. After all, this is all about YOU.

Kathy stresses the importance of approaching your health and fitness with a long-term attitude in mind – ask yourself “how will my actions today affect me in another 20 years and how do I want to feel then?”.

Once the major foundations in your lifestyle are re-balanced, your goals can be re-evaluated and refinements can be made to anything you desire. The sky is the limit once you are empowered and armed with the right tools and support for change!

Kathy implements a combination of holistic and modern health coaching methods to help you:
● Learn how to eat to optimise your wellbeing based on an assessment of your current health, lifestyle and goals. No gimmicks or fads just thorough, practical education and guidance
● Learn how to exercise to improve your body composition and health, or reach fitness goals. A strong focus on balance is built into planning
● Improve athletic performance with strategic nutritional and fitness programming
● Improve your posture and mobility, or help you recover from injury or postnatal imbalances with rehabilitative personal training
● Track your changes using Biosignature Modulation, a 12-site body fat measurement system in which your priority sites correlate with areas of health and lifestyle that may require attention
● Increase your understanding and chances of success with practical consults e.g. kitchen makeover, shopping list writing, meal planning, recipes, product advice and grocery shopping
● Overcome uncertainty or concern about reaching goals, with support and accountability
● Understand how to be more health-aware in your world, without all the confusion!

Kathy offers a cause-explorative, step-by-step, holistic experience that is individualised to your own unique situation and your goals.

In-Clinic Modalities:
• Health Coaching
• Biosignature Modulation
• Exercise Programming
• Mobility & Postural Correction Training (one on one)
• Biomat Infra-Red Sessions – click for more information

• Initial Consultation: $85 (60min)
• Follow Up Consultation: Fortnightly $45 (30min) / Monthly $85 (60min)
• BioMat InfraRed Session: $25 (30min) includes electrolyte + buffered vitamin C drink, cotton robe for session, mat preset at 50 degrees, ready to go!

• L1 Precision Nutrition Coach
• L2 Biosignature Practitioner
• L3 Exercise Professional (Cert. IV Fitness)
• Accredited Certificate Nutrition
• Pre & Post Natal Trainer
• Bodybuilding & Endurance Athlete
• Studying Bachelor Complementary Medicine
• Member IICT
• Member WAPF
• Member Fitness Australia
• Member ATMS (Student)

Kathy offers the following service/s: